When it really matters

Just heard good news from one of my clients, the Australian President of a large global organisation. He just presented a major strategy successfully to his board of directors in the USA. So, what is remarkable about this? Well, in conjunction with his comms team, Curious thinking have been working intensely with him for over a month preparing the content and rehearsing his delivery for this 20 minute presentation. It was business critical that he achieved the highest level of agreement and engagement from a cynical board. It was a high stakes presentation, not an after dinner speech, so the tools and techniques Curious thinking applied to research his audience, the strengths and weakness of his delivery style, impact level of his content were deeper and different to those normally applied to a basic 'run of the mill' keynote address. Too often senior leaders leave presentations like this till the last minute on the plane or get their PA to do it. This is not good enough for High Stakes presentations. That makes them High Risk. Communication by osmosis isn't communication. It is a download of information. I will be posting more about High Stakes communication in the near future as it is a growing part of Curious thinking's work as more and more leaders take their presentations seriously and employ professionals to help them connect and communicate with clarity and impact.