About PJ


Hi, I'm Peter Fulcher-Meredith, or PJ to those who know me better. I am the founder of 'Curious thinking'. For the first decade working in the creative, performance and the 'business' of show business taught me the importance of effective leadership. Inspiring, motivating and aligning the disparate skills, talents and personalities of an ensemble cast was critical to delivering audience expectations. There are eery parallels between business and theatre.  Both are judged on performance. The show is the promise - the brand. The cast and crew - the internal stakeholders are brought together to achieve a goal - commercial success.  The audience, the external stakeholders (or customers) decide whether the performance delivers against the promise. So, brand leadership through Curious thinking was born. This obsessive curiousity has guided me through a career of more than 30 years, engaging people with some of the best loved brands living on the planet. And, because I know what makes an audience 'tick', my audience-centric, Curious thinking approach to brand and leadership communication is refreshingly different.

Today, all that experience, my eclectic mix of skills and experiences extracted from all industry sectors plus my 'best practice' support network, mixed together in the crucible of the commercial business world, continues to guide the decisions of leaders of businesses large and small, no matter where they are on their business journey, no matter where they are on the planet. My brand leadership approach helps brands find their voice.

There is nothing more invigorating than facilitating a room full of ideas, opinions and egos when senior leadership teams are trying to develop the winning strategy to propel their brand into the hearts and minds of potential brand advocates and ambassadors.

And, applying a suite of large-scale facilitation processes to critical face-to-face events, forums, conferences and product launches is a challenge I will accept every time.

I have been accused of, 'breeding enthusiasm like rabbits', to which I must plead guilty.

My home base presently is Hong Kong. But, I do collect frequent flyer points for a hobby especially if it means coming back home to Australia.